Nerd Talk with EMPTY FRIEND

Empty Friend band

Sci-fi’s the name of the game when you’re Nerd-Talkin’ with UK rockers Empty Friend.  Bassist Davvers takes us on an intergalactic journey with his taste in media…

Empty Friend band


I’m not a movie buff at all, and am really easily pleased and quite happy to suspend disbelief for even the most terrible of plot holes if it’s a fun movie (enjoyed the latest Star Wars).  I mostly go for sci-fi given the opportunity — if it’s in space, I’m in!   But to give an example, a film I really rate is Pandorum: man wakes up in spaceship, doesn’t know who why or how, and adventure ensues.


Again, really into the sci-fi, but more discerning than with movies.  To keep it sensible and not listing a library, the Culture series by Iain M. Banks is a phenomenal read.  I chewed through it in almost no time at all and was disappointed when it was over.  In addition, I can highly recommend the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov — ground breaking and genre defining concepts, and hopefully coming soon to TV.


When I find the time I will happily binge-play a game.  Most recently it’s been Fallen Order, but The Force Awakens series are a hoot too.  Again I would say I’m quite easily pleased with games; I sank 500+ hours into BF: Bad Company 2 and nothing has since gotten close.  However, who doesn’t enjoy the roaming worlds of Skyrim and GTA?  Escapism at its most beautiful and ridiculous.

We all could use some escapism these days, that’s for sure!  Get your musical escape with Empty Friend on Facebook, bandcamp, Spotify, and the web.

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