AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: Rick Massie’s “Together As One”

#QuaratineLife gotcha down?  Need a dose of prog rock positivity?  Canadian musician Rick Massie has ya covered with this video for the single “Together As One.”  Massie says of the tune,

“I originally planned to release this long after my debut album as a solo artist. I didn’t want people to be confused and think that I write ‘just’ rock music. However, given the current circumstances (COVID-19), I felt that the message of this song could help lift spirits in this dark time. It was recorded several months ago, far before any news of a pandemic. But now it feels like it came into existence for a reason that is bigger than I had expected.”

“I hope that ‘Together As One’ will shine a little light amidst any darkness in your life. Stay strong. And be excellent to one another. “

Welp, that message sounds a lot better than the poles of preaching and panic reflected by the rest of my social media feed…  Have a listen below!

The “Together As One” single will be released on Friday, 3/27 with all proceeds going towards coronavirus relief.  Preorder here.

Massie’s debut album, Eclipse, is scheduled for release on May 1, 2020.  It includes a mix of influences and genres including progressive metal, black metal, death metal, electronic, rock, and symphonic music — so, not what this single would have you expect, but certainly an interesting mix!

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