It Takes A Lot of Maintenance to be This Low-Maint

Who cut off my pigtails??


If there’s one area where Alternative Control falls behind, it’s our fashion columns.  Let’s face it, a bunch of thirty-year-old punks and metalheads are not who you’d think of as style gurus.  But occasionally, we do have something useful to share with our readers: today, it’s all about blow outs and BB cream.

#42: Serious Selfie in the Car.

No, a blow out is not a sex act – it’s a hairdo.  Carrie Johnson said in a fashion article last year, “Sometimes expensive crap is totally worth it,” and that’s exactly the experience I had with getting my hair cut this weekend.  I visited a friend who works at Phillip Bruce Salon in Westport on Saturday; for the price of a year’s worth of Supercuts ‘dos, she took a foot off my locks and then gave me a fabulous “blow out.”  This seemed like a complicated process, but at the end it looked REALLY GOOD.  (I might have taken a LOT of selfies when I got home… Not conceited at all…)  In fact, it looked so good that I’m going to Sally’s Beauty Supply today and buying a straightening iron and one of those big circular brushes to see if I can replicate the “blow out” myself.  I do own a hair dryer already, not that it gets much use — stay tuned for a fashion mishaps article…

Who cut off my pigtails??
Best twelve dollars I've ever spent on cosmetics, available at your local Shop-Rite.

Another style discovery on my part: BB cream.  This product’s name first made me think of BB guns, then the space ice cream they sell at the mall.  But BB cream is neither of those things – rather, it’s an inexpensive foundation that looks good and is easy to apply.  Seriously, I just mix it with a little moisturizer, then smear-and-go.  The only (minor) drawback is that it drips out of the tube and gets all over the bathroom sink; still, I’m permanently converted from the cosmetic counter foundation.

But speaking of the cosmetic counter, I do have to visit Clinique to re-up on my moisturizing gel and gentle face soap.  Even as an almost-thirty-year-old I still get acne once in awhile, and these products help keep the zits away without drying my face out.

That’s about all the beauty wisdom I can conjure up for now… Alternative Control is always on the lookout for guest columnists, fashion or otherwise – if you have some style tips our readers would enjoy, leave a comment or email us!


  1. I wanna try that cream! But eww on the leakage. Wait, blow outs and leakage? um.. ok,.

    Seriously, your hair looked great. Report back on how blowing yourself worked out. 😉

    1. I think you need to be really good at yoga to blow yourself out…. Hey, wait a sec… 😉

  2. I’ve been wanting to try the BB cream too!. Wondering how the do it yourself blowout worked out. I never can do it!

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