Photos from the Reddit /r/CTbeer Meet-up

This past Sunday, 2 Roads Brewery played host to a meet-up for members of /r/CTbeer – The Connecticut Subreddit for Beer. It was a fun event, and fun to meet and chat with some fellow hopheads about the flavor of Brett and the nuances of saisons.

The meeting also featured a “bottle share” in which everyone brought a bottle or 2 to share with the group. The selection ranged from local favorites to highly-coveted rarities; there were even some homebrews, one of which was a delicious sour brewed right here in Stamford, CT.

Noble Jay Brewing Company was in attendance as well, offering tastes of their stout and double IPL.

I stuck around for 3 of the 4 hours before grabbing some mini burritos from the truck outside on my way home. Thanks to for helping to promote the event. And if you’re into local or craft beer in general be sure to check out the Reddit group /r/CTBeer. In addition to posting news and events, there’s also listings of breweries and beer pubs across Connecticut with their hours of operation.

Below are some shots I took of the early crowd, and some of the bottle selection:

Crowd shot early on in the afternoon
Uh oh we got a badass here, somebody brought Heady Topper to the party
I was a big fan of Arthur on the right, a surprisingly sour-tasting saison
My favorite in this shot is the Night Shift Brewing Mystery Weisse – a fantastically tart Berliner Weisse out of Everett, MA