Album Review: Barren Womb’s Lizard Lounge (Loyal Blood Records, May 22nd)

Believe it or not, this publication has a little bit of history with this hard-charging Norwegian/Finnish duo. We were one of the first US publications to review Barren Womb’s excellent debut, The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken back in 2014; the track “Kill Hicks” was featured on our 2014 compilation Quality Control Volume 2. In addition, when they went on their first and only US tour back in 2015, it was with one of our favorite local-bands-done-good, Grizzlor. Out of this partnership came a split 7″ with our beloved Nutmeg Noise Rock Unit to commemorate the tour, as well as a local stop at Three Sheets in New Haven, where they tore it up. (I was there, I witnessed it firsthand. They killed it.)

Soon, after that initial — and only — run in the United States, their profile began to grow a bit, especially in this part of the world. (They totally have Europe on lockdown.) They were getting noticed by publications much bigger than ours. Do we, I mean, “I”, know how to pick them, or what?

Well, it’s been six years and three full lengths later, and the duo of Tony Gonzalez (vocals, guitar) and Timo Silvola (drums), have just released their fourth album, Lizard Lounge, and I can enthusiastically report that they their twisted version noise punk is still as vital and vicious as ever, filled with gnarly riffs, powerful drumming and scathing, sarcastic lyrics filled with bile and disgust. There is also a wicked sense of humor running through this album. It’s dark, but it’s there. Some songs go fast, some take a more mid-paced grind to them, but they are always memorable and hit like a ton.

Once again, it’s another killer record from a killer band, that hopefully won’t get lost in the shuffle of higher profile releases, during this very “unique” year we are experiencing.

So, you should definitely pick this one up if you dig, the more “rock” side of noise rock, or just want something loud and crazy to brighten these dark days. Also, here’s hoping once this current “global situation” we’re in right now ends, and bands can get back to touring, we’ll see Barren Womb back here in the United States. It’s been a hot minute since they’ve been here, and we miss them. (I know I do.)

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