Album Review: Chris Lastovicka’s Fortune Has Turned (Remixed)

chris lastovicka

Originally released in 2005, Chris Lastovicka’s classical album Fortune Has Turned now has a new and improved version coming out in April via Ahari Press.  The compositions for piano, strings, horn, and voice offer listeners a stark, emotional journey into the human psyche.

chris lastovicka

Says Lastovicka of the quest to remix and remaster,

“When I was thinking about who I’d like to remix my album, I thought about my favorite album, Massive Attack’s ‘Blue Lines.’  I wondered if I would be able to even get Jeremy Allom, who mixed that album. I did, and it has been an incredible experience working with him and getting to know him.

When I looked for a mastering engineer, I wanted to get someone who would understand the sonic imperfections of the recordings and how I felt they mirrored the rough experience of seeking the Self. I chose iconic mastering engineer Emily Lazar because of her early background in creative writing, and her drive to tell the story of an album through her mastering work.”

Check out the video for lead single “The 7th Chapter of Job (Remixed)” below:

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