MOTHS (Puerto Rico) are Flying to a Venue Near You This February

San Juan stoner/progressive metal act Moths embark on their first mainland United States performances this February with a string of shows on the East Coast.  Following the November 2018 release of their debut EP (s/t), the band is looking forward to bringing their music to new audiences.

Says bassist Weslie Negrón,

“We’re extremely excited to be able to perform in the U.S. Mainland for the first time.  Since we got featured as Album of the Day in Bandcamp, we’ve had people from the areas that we’re playing give us great reactions to the EP — and we can’t wait to show people what the Puerto Rican metal scene is all about.  There’s a lot of talent in the Island, especially regarding metal, so we want to encourage people to keep digging on the bands that we got here.”

Tour Dates

  • 2/7/19: Ralph’s Rock Diner, Worcester, Massachusetts — with Cazador, North Star the Wanderer, and Bone Church
  • 2/8/19: Century Bar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — with Moons, The Stone Eye, and DipEater
  • 2/9/19: La Cabaña Restaurant, Washington, DC — with SunLord, Sangre Inedita, Part Death, Visceral Violation, and Sky Raider
  • 2/10/19: The Kingsland, Brooklyn, New York — with Lightmaker, False Gods, and Reign of Zaius

About Moths

MOTHS is a stoner/progressive metal band from San Juan, Puerto Rico that blends powerful riffs with unexpected and increasingly progressive undertones.  The band was founded in 2016 by Weslie Negrón (bass), Jonathan Miranda (lead guitar), and Omar González (rhythm guitar), with the later addition of Damaris Rodríguez (vocals) and Daniel Figueroa (drums).  With influences ranging from Porcupine Tree to King Crimson, they have impressed their local metal scene with an uncommon style that’s enjoyed by metalheads and non-metal fans alike.  With Damaris’ aggressive but melodic vocals, Omar’s catchy riffs, Jonathan’s unorthodox leads, Weslie’s solid bass lines, and Daniel’s extreme drumming, Moths create a perfect balance of heavy and cohesive music that impacts audiences on a whole new level.

While the band was affected by Hurricane Maria, which devastated much of Puerto Rico in September 2017, they pushed through trying times to continue their craft.  Their debut self-titled EP was released in November 2018 to international accolades, including being featured by bandcamp as an Album of the Day.

Praise for Moths

“Combining jazz-infused prog, ‘70s heavy metal and stoner doom, death and thrash metal, and heavy grunge, Moths’ debut is nothing short of a behemoth.” — Gabriel Serrano Denis, bandcamp

‘Desires’ became my favorite song of the EP.  The balance between the stoner and progressive, through the riffs and the melody from these two talented guitarists, along with Weslie’s famous bass and Daniel’s energetic drumming, took me on one of the most intense trips I could have listening to any band today.” — Omar Segarra, Under the Same Shadow

Connect With Moths

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