Album Review: FINAL NOTICE! by Lord Sonny the Unifier

If David Bowie and T-Rex had a long lost cousin who turned up in 21st century Brooklyn, it might be Lord Sonny the Unifier — at least that’s what esteemed Artwork Correspondent Jim Clegg had to say upon listening to FINAL NOTICE!  Released digitally on April 12th, the album made me imagine Tom Waits with a higher voice walking through a carnival on the moon.  Indeed, Lord Sonny is into the interstellar.  Alternative Control reviewed his video for “The Starman” earlier this year; he has since come out with another video, “First In Space,” which continues the starstruck theme while incorporating more of the other band members.

Says Lord Sonny of the ideas behind the album,

We receive FINAL NOTICE! right before all that remains is taken away. It is the bright orange letters we get in the mail after many previous warnings. This album is a rebellion against greed and injustice. It is a rebellion against corruption and lack of empathy. It’s a rebellion for the high and limitless potential of our inner selves – for our miraculous surroundings that inspire and uplift us all. 

Here at AltCtrl, we applaud Sonny’s rebellious reach for the stars and also enjoy the colorful collage album art by Shaun Friesen.  Favorite track: “All The Signs.”  Get on the rocketship at the links below:


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