Album Review: Guy Grogan’s Purgatorial Hearts

guy grogan

Prolific New Mexico singer-songwriter Guy Grogan released his eleventh full-length album, Purgatorial Hearts, on New Year’s Eve of 2017.  A dozen anthems for those “navigating their way through the wreckage of […] relationship battlefields,” Purgatorial Hearts‘ upbeat music belies its serious topic.

One of my favorite tracks was the Elvis Costello-esque “Tell Me Your Name Again”:

Grogan tracked the entire album himself, turning to award-winning Santa Fe producer Dennis Jasso to help with production.  The result is a clean, bright sound that rings optimistic, even from purgatory.  Stream the entire album on bandcamp or listen to the Spotify playlist.  Fans of Grogan’s music are in luck — eleven albums in, it doesn’t sound like this Guy is stopping anytime soon.

guy grogan

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