Album Review: Odious Mortem’s Synesthesia

odious mortem

By Nikita Alekseyevich Khrenov

It seems more and more that as years go on, we have bands and artists seemingly coming out of exile to grace us with new material. Last year was full of these releases and it seems 2020 isn’t going to stop this trend anytime soon, with California tech death gems Odious Mortem gracing us with their first album in thirteen years.

Though it took over a decade to get here the band has not missed a single step.  The fiery riffage and relentless blast beats on Synesthesia immediately draw comparisons to Suffocation but with a refined edge. Though the band strives to keep their sound rooted in classic old school death metal, shades of modernity weave throughout the compositions. The song “Synchronicity” is a purely instrumental piece full of tasteful, classical shred that loses none of the elegance and melody when the gain is cranked, and the snare drum wishes for death.

Odious Mortem has returned with one hell of a bang. In a genre that strives to push the boundaries of complexity to near-ludicrous limits, this band took a step back and focused on a more raw and down-to-earth approach to the technical death metal sound and it worked beautifully. It had better not take these lads another decade to put out more music because the genre needs more records like Synesthesia.

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