Album Review: Phat Astronaut Live

phat astronaut

In a world that’s recorded to a click track and run through autotune…

Where the sound of instruments is replaced with electronic imitations of the sound of instruments…

One local band had the courage….

To release…



At their FIRST SHOW.

phat astronautOkay, end movie trailer voice.  Seriously though, who does that?  Great musicians with big stones, that’s who.  And that’s Connecticut’s own young R&B outfit Phat Astronaut.  Featuring Chad Browne-Springer on vocals, Mark Lyon on guitar, Mike Russo on bass, and Chris Barone on drums, the band recorded Phat Astronaut Live during their debut performance at Pacific Standard Tavern on November 23rd, 2016.  They have since added Mike Knobloch on percussion.

(Did one of those names sound familiar to local metal fans?  Mark Lyon is the guitarist and a founding member of not-local-for-too-much-longer death metal band Xenosis.  In fact, Xenosis bassist David Legenhausen helped Phat Astronaut make the recording.)

Phat Astronaut is music for all hours of the day.  It pairs well with Trader Joe’s Organic Fair Trade Guatemalan Blend, and it’s also a great soundtrack for cooking your girlfriend dinner while she supervises with a glass of wine in hand.  But most of all, it’s music for bringing people together under dim lights — drinking with old friends or asking a new one to dance.

In standout track “Motherland,” Browne-Springer sings about returning to Africa or Barbados, but you don’t need ancestors in those places to enjoy Phat Astronaut.  At a time when the oligarchy that runs this country would divide us, it’s refreshing to see people making art that transcends and unites.  And that’s what Phat Astronaut is — art you can dance to.  All human, all outer space, no autotune needed.

Phat Astronaut Live is available on bandcamp for free or a donation of your choice.  Like the band on Facebook for shows and updates.

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