Album Review: Power, by Staring Into Nothing

Power by Staring into nothing

California trio Staring Into Nothing released their album Power via Antares Records in November 2017, featuring twelve tracks of politically minded, piano-focused prog rock.  The single “Big Brother” shows their penchant for commentary, but the lyrics are a little too “on the nose” for my taste:

Opening track “Puritans” was more nuanced and included some nods to Pink Floyd.  The musical left turn around 3:15 was surprising, but perhaps shouldn’t have been unexpected for the genre.

Savannah Rogers does a nice job vocally on the ambitious 18-minute track “Towers”:

If you enjoy Staring Into Nothing’s music, you’re in luck — the band is working on not one but two follow-up albums to Power, aptly titled Love and War.  With the current political climate, this socially conscious group will have no shortage of inspiration!

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