AltCtrlToob: New Videos from Last Legion and The Absence

Last Legion and The Absence

On this first edition of AltCtrlToob, check out brand-new videos from Last Legion and The Absence!

NYC Viking metal outfit Last Legion just released a video for “God Ov Chaos,” a track off their sophomore album Muspelheim.  Performance shots alternate between a shirtless black metal guy chained up in an abandoned factory, with blood dripping on him from above.  His only respite is a hot chick occasionally coming to hold a bowl over his head, until he finally realizes….  Well, you’ll have to watch to video to find out!  The black metal guy’s dilemma is reminiscent of when Floki gets faux-crucified in Vikings — if it was intentional, an appropriate reference for the band.  And if not, you know what they say about common, cross-cultural prototypes…  One religion’s Floki is another’s black-metal-dude-in-a-warehouse.  Overall, it’s a badass song and since these guys are based in our region, there should be many opportunities for AltCtrl readers to check them out live.  Who doesn’t need more Viking metal in their lives??  Stay tuned to Last Legion’s Facebook page for upcoming shows and more!

In other news, Joey Concepcion is having a good week!  Following his performance with Jasta at Toad’s last Saturday, The Absence (yet another national band of which he is a member) released a video for the title track of their upcoming album A Gift for the Obsessed.  This one is a mainly a performance video, featuring shots of the band rocking out in front of conceptual graphics; our hometown boy Concepcion gets his due with several shredding closeups.  The Tampa-based death metal band, which was founded in 2005, will release A Gift for the Obsessed via M-Theory Audio on March 23rd.  If this track is any indication, I think these guys are on the brink of quite a revival.  You know the drill — like them on Facebook to be in the know!

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