AltCtrlToob Video Feature: Paul Maged’s “The Resistance”

New York rocker Paul Maged released his single “The Resistance” on November 5th, 2018 — fittingly the day before Election Day.  The song will be part of an upcoming 2019 EP, but was released in advance due to its timely nature.  However, “The Resistance” may not turn out to be the anthem that Maged intends.

The catchiest part of the song is the Tom Petty-esque intro/verse riff, which fittingly hearkens to another era where our country had a lot of problems to protest.  Maged also includes some choice statistics and news clips in the video, showing our current administration’s true colors.

Still, some parts of the song fall flat.  The press release touts “The Resistance” as “containing one of Maged’s heaviest guitar riffs,” but nothing in this song qualifies as heavy by AltCtrl standards.  Maybe the rest of the EP will be pop love songs??  Also, not sure what Maged is referring to with the repeated line “Kill the other side” over images of a torch-bearing mob which fades into a cartoon Trump hitting a punching bag — who’s supposed to be killing who?  There’s enough talk about division in this country and we don’t need either side inciting encouraging violence against the other.  This section leads to the line “We don’t wanna to die / Change the tide” over scenes of violent protests — so perhaps the lines were meant as a dialogue between the two battling sides, an appeal to end the violence?

To this viewer, it’s unclear.  Watch the video and try to figure it out for yourself:

While I agree with the overall sentiment in “The Resistance,” I’m not going to be chanting this one in the streets — but if you’re into it, then connect with Maged at the following links:


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