AltCtrlToob Video Feature: Post Death Soundtrack’s “Chosen Sons”

chosen sons

Described as “sardonic trudge-hop,” Post Death Soundtrack offers up a video for the lead single “Chosen Sons” from their upcoming album of the same title.  This Bowie-meets-Manson track is a commentary on extremist groups; composer Steve Moore “temporarily place(s) himself in the shoes of one of these misguided soldiers (and) investigates with biting sarcasm the tragic path from scorned youth to radicalized zealot.”

One of the first comments on the video is that it’s too dark to see, and I understand where that commenter is coming from.  The video’s use of CGI and photo-negative looking shapes gives the impression of watching an alien world through the filter of a silent movie.  The effect is  otherworldly and goes with the song’s grim subject matter.  Video creator Colin Everall said, “This music video was a departure for me — using CGI as oppose to live-action — and was a whole new way of getting creative. Thank you (Post Death Soundtrack) for this opportunity to put to screen some darker depths.”

Download “Chosen Sons” here.

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