AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: QOHELETH’s “Toxic Waste Buzzkill”



AltCtrl readers may remember that unusual name QOHELETH (all-caps on purpose, but not to yell at Iran) from a Nerd Talk in April, where the California noise band expounded on their favorite books, video games, and movies.  This time, QOHELETH is back with a dystopian video for “Toxic Waste Buzzkill” off their post-apocalyptic concept album Black Kite Broadcasts.  Mastermind Jeremy Hunt had a few words about the song and a zine of the same title that the band will be putting out:

Like most of what we make in QOHELETH, “Toxic Waste Buzzkill” is an experiment in pushing our own boundaries and expectations. In this particular instance, I tried a new approach to the lyrics by combining mixing my own ideas with the verbal onslaught that is spam emails and word salad generators.

One of the core themes of Black Kite Broadcasts is an attempt to wrestle in the present with what we might be losing in our collective future. We are constantly slammed with content that has no meaning, words that hold no truth, and information that only serves to numb our ability to connect with each other. “Toxic Waste Buzzkill” in an attempt to push that to its logical extreme by simply churning out phrase after phrase. Buzzword after buzzword.

In an attempt to provide a longer lasting antidote, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new zine by the same name. The print version of Toxic Waste Buzzkill features interviews with musicians, selections from writers and authors, and visual art from some of our favorite artists.

While each issue will be curated by us in QOHELETH, our goal is to use this as a platform to highlight creative voices and work that might otherwise fall through the cracks — stuff on the fringes and margins from artists who don’t have a support system or outlets lining up to tell their stories. Each issue will be available in our store for $2.00 (basically enough to cover printing and mailing costs) or it’ll be included for free in any other order:

But without further ado, check out this video — if you dare.  Nodding schoolchildren and Teddy Ruxpin word salad will haunt your dreams….

In case you’re wondering, the (by Splat Robertson) is a post-title — as these are songs of future bands that exist after the Black Kite Crisis.  (Remember, the song is part of a concept album.)  To keep track of all QOHELETH’s “broadcasts,” musical and otherwise, follow them on bandcampFacebook and Twitter.  And for more from Alternative Control, find us on FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloud, and bandcamp.