Angela Burns Isn’t Here to Make You Feel Better

angela burns so that you can feel better

Influenced by grunge and pop-punk, 21-year-old Texas native Angela Burns has put together an eight-track “mixtape,” So You Can Feel Better, that sounds like the beginning of something promising.  “I’m calling it a mixtape,” Burns said on Facebook, “because production-wise, it was such a learning experience. This is my first effort, and I’m proud of it!”

Incorporating piano, strings, and unexpected rhythmic patterns, So You Can Feel Better makes a strong impression.  Burns is also an actress, and IMDB aptly describes her music as “dark and emotive” — think Fiona Apple, but with less hammering on the keys.  I don’t think Burns actually wants you to feel better; rather, these songs tell the story of someone who’s fed up with being used and judged. “Let’s avoid the obvious, pretend you’re not insecure to the point you’ll stab my back,” she sings in the title track, “I’m not laughing, I don’t agree… The fact is I’m over it.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Burns on WFUV in the near future.  For more from this auspicious young musician, find her on FacebookInstagramSoundcloud, and the web.

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