EP Review: Own Your Ocean by Direct Divide

Own Your Ocean by Direct Divide is described as “violin intensified rock.” Listening to the EP the first time it is indeed the violin that makes this music stand out from the crowd. Like the devil went down to a symphonic rock show in Georgia, the stringed instrument brings a down home Americana feel to this music that brings it into another realm, surpassing other tunes from the same genre. Even more impressive is this 6-stringed violin is played by the same woman who is singing the powerhouse vocals. Razz is her name and her voice is flawless. Perfectly clear, full, belting out the notes from the bottom to the top of her range.

Own Your Ocean hits upon some familiar sounds, but all are stamped with Direct Divide’s unique musical fingerprint. Similar enough to the music we know and love to make it easy to listen to (not easy listening, of course) but different enough to make us want to hear more. I’m leaning forward to hear what will happen next.

This music is large, cinematic, melodic and seems to encompass some sounds of my youth (I’m talking 1980’s) while being firmly planted in the musical soil of this century.  “We Are Legion” particularly has that big choral element that brings me back to the days of big hair. Am I thinking of Joan Jett or Martika? It doesn’t really matter. Razz has her own place among the greats. Somewhere up there next to Laurie Anderson and Amy Lee.

Take a listen to the song above and let us know what you think.  The full album will be available 7/24/15.

direct divide

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