EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Incarnate by The World Without Us

incarnate the world without us

Pennsylvania progressive metallers The World Without Us are excited to release their EP Incarnate on Friday, October 25th.  The band says,

“We wanna thank all the family, friends, bands, and fans for all the support we’ve received over the past two years. Creating this EP was a labor of love, and we’re thrilled beyond comprehension to get the chance to share it with everyone. We truly hope you enjoy the insanity sealed within our debut EP!”

Have an advance listen here at Alternative Control!

From the PR wire:

The World Without Us will release Incarnate on October 25th 2019.

The World Without Us came into existence through the union of two old friends. After months of trials and tribulation, Chris Fenimore (Lead Guitar) and Mario Canavarro (Vocals) managed to piece together a lineup with guitarist James Sundwall, bassist Peter Baliira, and drummer Steve Campbell. With that, the band was off to the races. Since their first show in May of 2018 the band has accomplished a shocking amount in a relatively short time. The group has shared the stage with everyone, from local heavy hitters If Not For Me and Burial in the Sky to big names, including Metal legend Soulfly.

This West Chester, Pennsylvania five piece is based around the music store which employed multiple members, Taylor’s Music, a local institution for underground musicians. This has allowed their unique prog inspired sound to flourish as the members personal interactions inform long term growth. It has also instantly embedded them deeply into their local scene. This has paid off in getting them a chance to record with TribeSound Records and granted them opportunities to bring their thrilling live act to stages around the region.

Embracing their status as newcomers and approaching the scene with genuine and deep enthusiasm, The World Without Us is a veritable breath of fresh air for the heavy music community. Bringing in a deep variety of influences and placing a focus on giving back to the scene which they love, the band has quickly grown into a force to be reckoned with. Over the top and undeniably insane, these Southeast Pennsylvanian musicians have the world at their feet as they gaze, salivating into their starry future.

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