EXCLUSIVE STREAM: “Valley” by Fumarole


Alternative Control is happy to present some thunder from down under, the new track “Valley” from Australian power trio Fumarole.  This dystopian banger drops on October 4th, 2019.  It’s a must-listen for the burly guitar riffage and full-steam-ahead rhythm section that will please any stoner rock fan.

The band commented about the song’s lyrical content, “‘Valley’ follows a set of freed slaves torn by the reality that they have to go to war to fight their own kin, who are puppets to the remote controllers. Those still enslaved by mind control devices are only freed violently and some die in the process, leaving the freedom fighters emotionally tormented.”


From the PR wire…

As with all great bands, Fumarole initially met… through work? Strange, but true, founding members Dan Bartsch and Kurt Werder bonded as fans of heavy music in contrast to the businessmen who surrounded them. Having both come out of the hardcore scene as teenagers it made sense for the duo to start making music together inspired by the brutality of the human condition. By April of 2018 they were joined by drummer Ryan Stewart. They rapidly developed a sound reminiscent of their heroes in bands like Orange Goblin and Earthless but also local bands like Zong and Witchskull.

Having gelled almost instantly the band record their debut EP, ‘Mountain’ in their rehearsal space. In August of 2018 the band released it and heads started to turn. They played their first run of four dates along Australia’s Gold Coast that fall. Simultaneously Fumarole received coverage in famed stoner rock publication, Riff Relevant, as well as the Volume Forever Spotify playlist, curated by Ozzy Osborne bassist, the infamous Blasko. They honed their live set and continued to write, preparing to unleash a pair of monster singles in 2019.

Their discipline and dedication led to performances at legendary metal clubs and with Australian heavy psych heavyweights Comacozer. Having developed a reputation as a hard working rock and roll band the opportunities started to fall into place. Now the band seeks to push their fully solidified sound, further focusing on dark creatures and bleak futures. Horrified by humanity’s greed and disregard for the planet, Fumarole are creating crushing music to drag us back to reality. Taking the Antipodes by storm, it’s only a matter of time before Fumarole blow out an amp near you!

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