Listening Lately: Laster and Blind Scryer

laster blind scryer

The ol’ inbox has provided quite a variety this month.  First up, we have Dutch avant garde/post black metal band Laster.  They’re releasing a new album and a companion EP, Het Wassen Oog and Stadsluik respectively, on April 5th through Prophecy Productions.  Have a listen to the single “Haat & Bonhomie” to get an idea of the jarring atmosphere this trio delivers:

Honestly, Laster is a little too avant garde for my tastes at first listen.  Their upcoming album is described as “an enigmatic blend of stoic gazing and dissonant ugliness,” — when there’s some really ugly elements in the music, I like it to contrast with something purposefully melodic and beautiful, even sing-songy.   Laster’s contrasts are more jazzy and cerebral (and the bass playing is definitely jazz-influenced).  It may not be my bag, but anyone who likes their creative metal with a touch of jazz will be into this.  Local readers, imagine if Xenosis was electronica instead of tech death.  That’s what I’m getting from Laster.  They’ll be playing this year’s sold out Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands on April 13th.

Another band I came across was Kentucky’s Blind Scryer, who are releasing a self-titled debut album on March 29th.  This stoner rock outfit was more in my wheelhouse.  Soaring NWOBHM-style vox made the band stand out from the literal tsunami of stoner tunes that have been washing over the scene lately.  To give another local reference, the riffs and vocals reminded me of Vestal Claret, minus Satanic serial killer content.  These guys will be doing a short tour around at the end of the month; I hope they make their way up to the Northeast in the future.

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