Ah, Danzig. What can you say about one of heavy music’s most recognizable voices and curious characters? Welp, Black Donut Records says that Danzig’s mid-80s band Samhain is seriously underrated — and sought out to amplify this band with the twelve-track album World Without End: An Underground Tribute to Samhain.

Formed in 1983 after Danzig left Misfits, the band released two full length albums and one EP before disbanding. The folks at Black Donut remarked,

“Wedged in the timeline between the beloved horror-punk of Misfits and the blusier doom of Danzig, the legacy of the ghoulish Samhain has been regrettably lost in the fray. Their catalog has been out of print for decades, and is unavailable on streaming services–a death knell in the modern era, if e’er there was. With the small-yet-dedicated fandom left to scrounge YouTube’s dark corners for a modicum of access to their discography, the unfortunately inaccessible Samhain are long overdue for some attention.”

Black Donut is certainly carrying the torch with this underground tribute album. Any fans of Danzig’s work need to add this to their CD shelf or bandcamp Collection.

World Without End Tracklist 
1. “Black Dream” – Atomic Kavemen ft Marron Chaplin
2. “All Murder, All Guts, All Fun” – Spellgrinder
3. “Horror Biz” – Dead Eye Doll
4. “The Shift” – Rift Valley
5. “Archangel” – Energy
6. “Moribund” – Night Goat
7. “I Am Misery”- Bovine Nightmares
8. “Mother of Mercy” – Dead Rites
9. “To Walk the Night” – The Zenith
10. “Let the Day Begin” – The Red Edges
11. “November’s Fire” – DemonScar
12. “Death…In Its Arms” – Matte Martin

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