Poetry Up Your Ass


The title says it all, folks. These are two of many poems I’ve written that are directly inspired by my favorite metal albums. Both of these works pertain to a particular album, and their words derive from that album’s lyrics, cover art, atmosphere, mood, pretty much anything I could grab from the music. Think of them as fits of imagination that don’t necessarily reflect the album’s content, but are narrations of the visions I have when I listen to these albums. I’ll probably post some more in the coming months.


The Extreme!!

Morbid Angel – Blessed are the Sick


Drilling with assiduous strength

Into a graffiti-scarred skateboarding ramp

I gazed in the hole, found it hollow

The inner walls flickering with chili neon

I sledgehammered the ramp to slush

Busting my way into the underground room


There, in a weaved nest of barb

I found the fire eggs

Oval spheres of zigzag striped red and orange

Glowing yellow with shouting caution


I, being a typical being

I smashed them all to chili pepper slivers

Unleashing the sickening heat of the wild flames

Knocking the fire about the room with my bare hands

As if disciplining naughty children with abuse


Once I contain the lava yoke

Once I condense and compress the fire in my cupped hands

I’ll sneak hell into the outside

Unleash all the burning alive gently in the dirt like a newborn cub

Watch it grow and roar

Fill up the outside with the violence within



Mottled Wedding Locks

Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses 


The last chance she had

To fulfill a promise to herself

No one else in this dank house

Just her, the lilies, the occupied coffin


An unclean window shaded midday sun

Casting a pale green in the room

Lilies into autumn leaves cling to sickly summer dreams


Strips naked of funeral clothes

Pries open the lid, breaks a nail

Bleeds a little on the burial dress

Drips upon that beautiful face

Like drizzles of maraschino cherries on whipped cream

It was now or never

Satisfy love now or decay like her beloved BFF


She came on her lips

Haunted clenched teeth with her breath

Pulled the last of her out

With a slow hand digging with want

Into the sand hills of dead breasts


Pale green sun rays hang like iron chains in the murky waters of London bay

Shackling this portrait in gloom

There’s rotting death in the dollhouse

Lovingly painted by undying love

The wilting lily sheds its leaves

With shame over what comes natural


The girl finishes her kiss with a vulnerable heart and a drilling fear