Sunday Morning Metal Poetry

My favorite kind of poem is the split poem. Basically, they’re two separate poems that share the same universe, offer an alternate view or continue the theme established in the first poem into further territory. We’re keeping with the metal poetry theme here of course.   Rosaceae Death/Quantrill’s Children Baroness – Blue Record   A… Continue reading Sunday Morning Metal Poetry

Surreal Fruits and Flavors: A Preview of Le Li

So, how the hell do I promote a book that I wrote without sounding like a douche? By saying as little about it as possible and allowing our fine (and probably incredibly handsome) Alternative Control readers make up their own minds on whether this stuff connects with them or not. I’ll provide this short introduction… Continue reading Surreal Fruits and Flavors: A Preview of Le Li

Love in “Pink”

  These poems are from a collection tentatively titled “Pink.”  It’s a collection of love poetry that doesn’t shy away from grandiose imagery. The phrases are simple, sugary and steeped in high hopes for both clean, cuddly adoration and super lustful passion eternal. Rook Atop of the tower in the enchanted fields We are king… Continue reading Love in “Pink”