Quarantine Music, Part 2: The AltCtrlToob Edition ft. Heilung, Ghost Cult, Murder Castle, and GimpAlisous


Going on Week Six of COVID-19 closures here in AltCtrl-Ville….  Maybe folks need something new to watch on Youtube??  Check out these videos!

First up, Danish pagan collective Heilung released their first-ever music video yesterday, for the song “Norupo.”  (I checked, all the other videos on their Youtube channel are live performances or album teasers.)  It was filmed at this historic standing stones site in France, pretty rad!  The song is based on a 13th-century Nordic poem; medieval folks with 21st century teeth get together at the stones, eat some edibles, and a sonic ritual ensues.  This might be my new favorite band — now I just have to figure out how to strap my deer antlers to my head, for real.

If you’re ready to strap on some antlers too, preorder the upcoming Blu-Ray Lifa – Heilung Live at Castlefest here or stream that striking performance here.

Next up, we’ve got Ghost Cult’s brand-new-to-Youtube interview with Eli Santana of Holy Grail.  Music journalist Keith Chachkes filmed the interview in the summer of 2019 and there were some technical issues with the files — which he finally had the time to fix “thanks” to being stuck at home during this pandemic.  I don’t know who Holy Grail are, but I’m more than happy to stare at Eli’s hair and biceps, er, listen to this insightful interview, for eighteen minutes.  California time’s no problem, bro…..  :p

Seriously though, if you like band interviews, you should definitely subscribe to Ghost Cult’s Youtube Channel.  There are a ton of interviews on there with musicians from around the world — Keith has even interviewed Heilung!  Here’s a snippet:

Now we’ll go a bit further underground with Connecticut-by-way-of-Virginia doom groove outfit Murder Castle.  They released a concept album in February about a private investigator who gets involved with a seductive serial killer.  This lyric video, released on April 15th, tells the sordid tale’s closing chapter.

And finally, if you want to dive even deeper into local creations, check out Bethel, CT DIY hip hop artist Philo GimpAlisous White.  Somehow I can’t look away from his latest video…  Gotta respect anyone who writes a rap about being “Lost At Sea.”  😉

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Heilung photo courtesy of Season of Mist PR.