Single Review: “Let It Drip” by He Is Me

He Is Me, an electronica collaboration between Steve Moore and Casey Braunger, just released their first single “Let It Drip.”  The three-minute track is free-flowing, meditative, and creepy all at the same time.  Local fans of Agrippa93 and Justin Symbol will find this music intriguing:

Steve Moore is no stranger to Alternative Control, as he was half of the Canadian progressive rock duo The Unravelling from 2009-2015.  His partner in crime, Casey Braunger, is new to our pages — a Portland, OR-based musician and producer, Braunger is known for his long-running solo project Textile Arcade.  The duo has a full length album in the works, so if you like what you heard above, follow He Is Me on Facebook and Soundcloud!

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