Tied Up in the Bronx, er, Attic


Being so close to New York, Stamford music-lovers get to enjoy a lot of great bands from “across the border.”  Left in the Attic and Tied for Last are two of the many NY groups whose sound waves can’t be contained by the state line.

Best friends Murphy, Crissy, and Jacks formed Left in the Attic in 2008, a reincarnation of their high school band The Closers.  Since then, the Bronx trio has recorded two albums and played shows all over the tri-state area.  Their up-tempo garage rock is reminiscent of Hendrix or a grittier Joan Jett, and you can hear it for yourself at Seaside Tavern on December 30.  They’ll be playing with Arcane Malevolence, CTCR, and another great across-the-border band, No Remission.

Tied for Last, 12/10 at Fiddler's Green. Photo by Lina.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to drive towards the big city to see Tied for Last, at least until the next time they’re in town.  The Yonkers punk band joined The Midnightmares, Arcane Malevolence, and Pink Missile at Fiddler’s Green in Stamford on December 10th and won over a room full of metalheads that had never heard of them.  Their tight performance and good sense of humor had all the bearded leather-jacket guys singing along; the hit song of the night was definitely “Please Daddy, Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas.”  Half of Stamford is still humming it three days later!

Connecticut folks, what’s your favorite local band across the border?  New York folks, did you know that there are bands in Connecticut?  Do you listen to any of them??  Leave a comment with your recommendations, or contact us!

Upcoming Shows

Left in the Attic

  • 12/21 @The Delancey in NYC
  • 12/23 @ Parkside Lounge in NYC, w/ The Perverted Hymns
  • 12/29 @ UC Lounge in NYC, w/ The Perverted Hymns
  • 12/30 @ Seaside Tavern in Stamford, CT, w/ Arcane Malevolence, No Remission, and CTCR

Tied for Last

  • 1/13/12 @ Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC, w/ Bloody Muffs and The Dead Tricks
  • 2/20/12 @ Otto’s Shrunken Head in NYC


  1. No Remission kicks ass! Will have to check out those other bands, sounds metal! 😈 Another NY band I love, complete opposite kind of music and doesn’t qualify as “local” anymore: The Felice Brothers. They’re playing at Daniel Street on 12/30… One of the last shows before it closes… and I can’t go. Wah. Entertaining the idea of driving two hours to Hudson, NY for their New Year’s Eve show, b/c after that they’re off to tour Europe.

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