Monster B’s: Just a Stumble Away


Originally published in June 2011.

There’s nothing like having a good bar within stumbling distance of your house. My old place in Norwalk was a short walk from O’Neill’s, an Irish pub with friendly nachos and tasty bartenders, and I was a little sad to leave it behind when I moved to Stamford. Luckily I have found a more than adequate replacement: Monster B’s at 498 Glenbrook Rd. The food is creative and the beer selection puts most area bars to shame. Plus, most of the live entertainment always elicits some kind of audience participation, be it singing karaoke or disrobing oneself to the sounds of a classic rock cover band. (More on that later…)

First and foremost, Monster B’s is known for its beer. I can’t even estimate how many varieties they have available, and their selection is always rotating. Just to give you an idea, you can join the Hall of Foam and get your picture on the wall for trying 100 different beers — but you can also become a Gold or Platinum Hall of Foam-er for having 200 and 300 different beers respectively. I learned about the Hall of Foam on my most recent trip, so I’m only two beers in: Narragansett and PBR. Why I would drink PBR at this place, I don’t know… (Wait, I do know — it was $3.) Some other beers I’ve enjoyed there are Leviathan Barleywine and Ubu Ale. The staff is very knowledgeable and can make recommendations if you’re overwhelmed by the menu.

Speaking of menus, Monster B’s is an excellent place for classy bar food. Prices are average for the area: $7-10 for an appetizer, $9-12 for sandwiches and burgers, and $15-25 for dinners. They have the regular appetizer fare, like wings, tater skins, and nachos. They also have a large selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, and dinners. My favorites are the quesadilla burger and the buffalo chicken sandwich, while some very discriminating friends have recommended the Monster Bleu Sirloin. The specials are where it gets really interesting, though. On a recent trip, my “hot date” and I had steamed mussels in white wine sauce and fried portabella strips, and we almost forgot that we were eating at a neighborhood watering hole.

If you stay past 9 pm, you’ll get to enjoy some unpretentious “knock-around guy” entertainment. Monster B’s has karaoke and open jams on weeknights and they alternate cover bands and original music on weekends. Every time I’ve seen music there, the crowd has always been ready to get in on the action — one Saturday while enjoying the classic rock stylings of Night School, I witnessed a 40-year-old woman wiggle her bra out from under her shirt and hang it on the singer’s music stand! I hope I’m having that much fun when I’m a real grown-up, or at least getting that tanked on a Saturday night… But hey, that’s why it’s important to find a good bar within stumbling distance!

Monster B’s is located at 498 Glenbrook Rd. in Stamford, CT. The phone number is (203) 355-1032.


* Monday: Closed
* Tuesday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
* Wednesday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
* Thursday: 11:00 am – 1:00 am
* Friday & Saturday: 11:00 am – 2:00 am
* Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Weekly Specials and Events

* Happy Hour Tuesday-Friday, 4 pm – 7pm
* Wednesdays: Live Jam Hosted by Roxy Perry, 8:30 pm – midnight
* Thursdays: Karaoke, 9 pm – 1 am
* Sundays: Service workers get 15% off their entire bill. (Proof of employment required.)


  1. Addendum: Monster B’s no longer serves potato skins, and I find it really hard to believe that they don’t have extra potatoes, cheese and bacon laying around from all the other things on the menu. Losing convenience points here..

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