No Need to Worry: A Review of Grizzlor and Barren Womb’s Split EP (Riotous Outburst Records)

We might as well toot our own horns over here at Alternative Control because we were one of the first blogs in the United States to give Norwegian noise punk duo Barren Womb press for their excellent debut album, The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken (Spartan Records, 2014). They returned the favor by appearing on our second compilation, Quality Control Vol. 2.

In addition, you all know we are all about giving props to Connecticut weirdo noise rockers Grizzlor, who are starting to make waves outside of the state, with their unusual and awesome take on loud rock.

Now both these bands have teamed up for a tour, which is the first United States tour for Barren Womb — and for a seven-inch EP, just released on Riotous Outburst Records to commemorate this event. As you would expect, the record rips.

Grizzlor opens their side with “At Sea,” which is dirty, fuzzy and full of attitude. “It’s All Bullshit” speeds up the tempo a bit, breaking down into a mid-paced lurch and then distortion, then bringing it back up for a big finish.

Barren Womb’s side opens with the fast paced grungy metal of “Blowback Mountain” which shows the band in full-on attack mode. “Hazmat Suit” settles into a nasty, mid-paced gait, with a massive riff and the awesomely bummed chorus of “There’s no need to worry, things will only get worse.”

So, yes, this record is definitely worth your time and money. It features two bands at the top of their game, ready to bring the noise. It’s going to be a quite a tour. Of course, there is a Connecticut date for the tour. It’s April 3 at Three Sheets in New Haven, with Polluter INTHESHIT as support. Go and get your faces melted. I will.

Grizzlor/Barren Womb Tour Dates