AltCtrlToob Video Premiere: “Malachi” by NIGHT GOAT

Night goat

Night goat

Canton, Ohio noise rockers Night Goat are set to release their debut album Milk in December, and AltCtrlToob is proud to premiere the lyric video for the single “Malachi.”  Inspired by the cult horror classic Children of the Corn, “Malachi” offers groovy cacophony against a jarring backdrop of neon words and images.  Vocalist Julia Bentley pulls no punches, with savage vocals that perfectly embody Malachi’s merciless rage. Night Goat isn’t taking prisoners.

The band says, “We are super excited to release this lyric video of our song Malachai. We tried to make it  as claustrophobic as the song is.”  Check it out for yourself below!

From the PR wire…

Everyone has a band that they can put on to blow the cobwebs out. Night Goat are set to be that next band. Dealing in scuzzy, fuzzy noise-rock, the quartet are set to release their scorching début Milk in late December, having already made a name for themselves in their native Ohio by opening for Cherubs and playing with diverse bands like Whores, Low Dose, False Gods, and Backwoods Payback. Caged within this beast are ten tracks that draw from the highlights of early nineties Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go Records – echoes of Unsane, The Jesus Lizard and Helmet all make appearances.

Front and center on record is Julia Bentley and her ferocious vocals. The lyrics are as dark as they should be for this style of music (“Feel the beat of a ruptured heart/My axe… your ribcage”), and her delivery is as twisted as her choice of words. The crunch of her husband’s guitar is a fitting accompaniment, as Chris barrels his way through gnarly riffs, head-spinning noise, and bellowing backing vocals. The remaining two, Dalin Jones (from hardcore punk band Trunk Ride) and Donnie Casey, bring thundering rhythms to the table in honor of bands like Tad and the Melvins.

The overall sensation is overwhelming, a cacophony of noisy riffs and distorted screams – just the way noise rock should be. This is one goat that is not to be messed with.

Night Goat are:

  • Julia Bentley – vocals
  • Chris Bentley – guitar/vocals
  • Dalin Jones – bass
  • Donnie Casey – drums

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