Yes Virginia, There is Metal in Connecticut: One Virginia Dude’s Ode to Nightbitch and the CT Metal Scene

Photo by Khampfire Photoworks.

Editor’s Note: Virginia-by-way-of-Connecticut metalhead Mike Wilcox, a.k.a. “Vest Bro” to Alternative Control readers, recently began writing for a well-respected music blog.  Imagine his surprise and delight to see a band from his ol’ home state on the the review list: Nightbitch.  Mike’s editor decided not to run the short piece he wrote because there was too much of a personal connection — so Mike sent it along to us.  Enjoy!

By Mike Wilcox

What can I say about our friends Nightbitch? I actually know these guys. We used to roll together at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT. I can’t say that they are on my queue for frequent play but these guys do have a particular energy about them. I have seen them at several CT shows and it’s never a letdown. With swirling guitars backed by pounding and deliberate rhythms, all topped off with vocals that are reminiscent of Glenn Danzig, you are taken through an album that’s half punk, half rockabilly, hint of Judas Priest, and 100% good ol’ American rock and roll.

It’s a great opportunity to talk about Nightbitch in this forum because they are one of the bands that helped me to understand the real importance of supporting your local scene. I like to show up to shows early and leave late. In the time I between I like to see if anyone needs help setting up gear, load ins, load outs, all of it. It gave me a feeling for working shows, something I do now in the DMV area, as lame as that might sound. These folks are so damn friendly that it feels like despite not knowing them especially well, that you are part of the inner circle. You showed up to support the scene, the show, you’re in the family. It’s what metal is all about. Nightbitch and friends make sure you know that. Mayhap they’ll buy you a round too…you might feel so inclined to return the favor as well because the vibe is so strong. Friends and family here.

updated 1.8If you ever find yourself making a stop in the greater New Haven area you’d do well to head up to Cherry Street Station, College Street Music Hall, The Outer Space, even Toad’s Place, and surely you’ll find a warm community centered around this kind of music. A local scene that is going and growing strong with a welcoming vibe that you’re happy to groove with. Nightbitch has you in their grasp and you don’t want them to let you go.

Upcoming Nightbitch Shows

1/8/16 w/ Venom Inc. and Necrophagia at The Ballroom at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT — more info here

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Thumbnail photo by Khampfire Photoworks; used with permission of the band.

Instagram photo by Jessie May.