The Bad Vegetarian Gradually Loses Resolve

  This April, I read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  While the book didn’t convince me to stop eating meat altogether, the descriptions of factory farms were nauseating enough that I decided that I wouldn’t give my money to this disgusting but tasty industry. Fast-forward to October.  I’ve been moderately successful in my mission,… Continue reading The Bad Vegetarian Gradually Loses Resolve

Innocent Until…?

By Danielle Gombos Editor’s Note: Danielle Gombos, a graduate of the University of New Haven’s criminal justice program, did extensive research on the case of the so-called “West Memphis Three” before they were released from prison in August; she adapted this article from her research. In light of the case’s eventual outcome and the recent… Continue reading Innocent Until…?

F-You, Remakes

I don’t care if they call it a remake, a “reboot” or a re-envisioning, the current trend of taking perfectly good horror movies and making them again needs to stop. I grew up on horror movies and am not one who is particularly scared by them (just don’t ask me to watch John Carpenter’s Halloween… Continue reading F-You, Remakes

Gettin’ Blazed in New York

  Get blazed. Great Jack O’Lantern Blazed that is! Every year the Van Courtlandt Manor in Sleepy Hollow, New York hosts its outdoor Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. Literally thousands of pumpkins are carved by volunteer artists and are put on display throughout the landscape. I mean, I like pumpkins but these carvers reallyyyy like pumpkins….… Continue reading Gettin’ Blazed in New York