Dirty Yogurt Lids for The Cure: A Review of Pink Ribbons, Inc.

pink ribbons inc

I have often wondered why it was necessary for me to wash off a pink yogurt lid, put it in an envelope and mail it into the good people at Yoplait. Why can’t they just go ahead and donate money to the breast cancer people and leave me out of it? Because that doesn’t sell yogurt, and that’s what Yoplait is in the business of doing.

The documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. ripped the lids off my eyes when I watched it. Interviews with some seriously eloquent women interspersed with video from various breast cancer events and lots of pink graphics… Informative doesn’t describe it – the film blows the lid off the entire sha-bang. The roots of the breast cancer movement were sown by a single woman who made five ribbon cards. Then big business came along. The film showed me how this disease has brought out some of the best in people. But it also spells out how corporations exploit the disease for their own profits. You will question capitalism while you watch this, the imperfections shine like headlights.

Laura Bush visits Saudi Arabia for "the cure"...

I found it most interesting when the issue of anger came up. Watch closely when the perfectly coiffed Ambassador speaks to the camera on the topic. There also seemed to be some correlation between where the women stood on the issue and how much make-up was on their face.

Personal care products are indeed one of the suspected causes of breast cancer. But, as you’ll find out, only 5% of the money raised for breast cancer actually goes to finding the cause. Because guess who profits from the treatment? Not Yoplait. You’ll have to watch it. It’s on Netflix. You’ll like it.

I usually give “Two Tits-Up” for a good review… I’m guessing that’s not appropriate?

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