Women in Business, Part II: Hollydays Creations


Holly Larkin is another amazing artist friend. She does face painting that will blow your mind! Yet another woman making a living with her art…

When did you discover your artistic talent?  I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I can remember, spending most of my childhood drawing my favorite Disney cartoons and Sailor Moon. Later, I moved on to more realistic stuff and more painting.

What made you think of face painting?  Face painting actually happened randomly when a friend of mine was leaving her face paint job at Playland; since she knew I was in art school, she figured she would see if I would like the job. So I did that for a summer in 2003 and discovered I really liked it. I wanted to make it more into my own and incorporate my art background.

What do you paint for pleasure? Or is it just faces?  I do all sorts of painting. Besides just faces I do full body painting, wedding and fashion makeup, special effects makeup, and prenatal belly paintings. I also do lots of paintings on canvas, murals, presents for people as well as custom paintings for people. I have a big love for animals so I do lots of pet portraits which are definitely one of my favorites. But really I can paint almost anything, so I do things like scenery and whimsical things too. I do other craftwork too like personalized signs and decorations for events, so it’s definitely not only face painting. I love taking part in all kinds of art.

What events can we find you at?  I am regularly found at Stamford JCC’s Purim festivities and events, the Stamford and Norwalk Greek Festivals, the Bridgeport Arts Festival, Danbury Kids Expo, UBS Thanksgiving Parade, and also Stamford Downtown’s Alive@Five, Breakfast with Santa, and the Easter Bunny — but I do plenty more events through the year as they come up.

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How do our readers book you?  They can reach me through email at [email protected] or like my Facebook page and message me there.  Finally, they can call me at 203-570-6651 for personal appointments, birthdays, company, events, club events, fashion shows, theater work, and festivals and more.

holly2 -- ninaWhat’s your dream face painting gig?  I would really love to get more into the body art and makeup field which I’ve been making my way into doing stage makeup or body painting for models and advertising and shows or events. I see the body like a canvas and love to transform it to show not only its beauty, but to create living art. It is amazing to me how body art can transform how someone acts or feels about themselves; I’ve seen some of the shyest models be bold walking around as the character their body is painted as, or just gaining a new respect for their body and all it is. We’re all just big kids and that really comes out sometimes when I paint someone and I love it. That brings me a lot of joy. Being someone who had body image issues, I love people to see how beautiful they are and how beautiful we all are so with that in mind I would also love to put an art gallery show together one day with all live models posed as art pieces fully painted, possibly changing position every while. I don’t have the complete concept together but I think it’d be a lot of fun. I have many ideas and just love what I do and can’t wait to see where it goes.

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