Women in Business, Part IV: Lauren Wolfe Abdulrahmen and Doterra Essential Oils


Lauren Wolfe Abdulrahmen is another college buddy of mine. Lauren is a family therapist, but she also sells essential oils.

How did you get into essential oils?

I have always loved adding fragrance to my home. I have also been passionate about using non toxic products for myself and my family for the past 12 years. For a long time I burned scented candles every day in my home because I enjoyed the fragrance. I then discovered that many of these candles were actually harmful. Traditional candles are made with paraffin wax which is by product of petroleum. As you probably know petroleum is gasoline and burning these candles releases carcinogenic chemicals into the air. After learning this I switched to soy candles but many had synthetic fragrances which also has health risks.

Last summer my chiropractor introduced me to Doterra essential oils. Doterra is a company that provides essential oils which are 100 % pure with no chemicals or additives. Doterra tests every oil rigorously by an independent lab to ensure their oils are pure and potent. Because of the purity of these oils many of them can be used topically without dilution and can even be taken internally.

I initially started using the Doterra oils in an oil diffuser as an alternative to scented candles. I learned that Doterra oils can be used therapeutically three different ways. Doterra oils can be diffused in a cool mist diffuser (heating the oils breaks down their therapeutic properties). They can be put on the skin topically and many of them can even be taken internally. I was first amazed at how well they worked for helping my children to fall asleep and stay asleep. I also began using one of their blends for upset stomachs and was surprised by how well it worked by just rubbing it on the bottoms of feet. I have even used this oil blend with my dogs!  I now use the oils for more uses than I can list. It’s great having a healthy alternative to traditional medicine that helps to support physical health, emotional health and wellbeing.

How did you start the business?

I never intended to start selling the oils but as soon as I started diffusing them in my office and sharing them with my clients they began asking how to purchase them. I am grateful to be able to help my clients learn how to use a product that has no negative side effects and can be used so effectively. It’s especially great to have another tool to help children lessen their fear and worries and fall asleep more easily. One of the children I work with had not fallen asleep in less than 2 hours since experiencing a trauma more than 2 years ago. I gave her some oils to try at bedtime and at the next session her mother reported that she was falling asleep in 20 minutes or less!

11854094_10153054885579013_593043016_nHow do you find time with family and other work to run a business? 

Being a Wellness Advocate for Doterra and helping to introduce their essential oils to others is something I really enjoy. I make my own hours and lead classes from my home or office. I love leading classes and sharing oils with family, friends and clients. Doterra is structured in a way where I have mentors and access to lots of information that help me to learn more and educate others.

Where can our readers go to find you and your products?

I am always looking for an excuse to talk about Doterra oils so if anyone is interested in learning more I would love to speak with them! I can contacted by email at [email protected].

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  1. I love essential oils and I’m glad they are getting so popular now. I used to use them a lot more when I was in high school but now that I have kids I am always looking for products that have no harmful side effects. I love the idea of using these instead of scented candles, I stopped using scented candles when I read that they were a huge contributor to indoor pollution, yuck! Thanks for sharing this!

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