Top Ten Articles of 2019

The interviewer and interviewee on Candid Camera.

Is it really almost the end of a decade?  When this blog published its first post in September 2010, “The Year Twenty Twenty” was an abstract concept.  But here we are in the closing days of 2019….  This year, Alternative Control published 156 posts featuring 170 bands.  We interviewed 23 bands and enjoyed 10 Show Me… Continue reading Top Ten Articles of 2019

Nikita’s Best of 2019

By Nikita Alekseyevich Khrenov What a year, what an astounding year. We all have trouble at the end of fall making a list of the albums we really liked, but this year was the biggest challenge of all. It seemed like every single week brought out another 10/10 album of the year contender. I know I’m… Continue reading Nikita’s Best of 2019