It’s Here! Free Downloads of Quality Control Volume 1: Tracks 13-17

As car CD players are become a thing of the past and boomboxes take their place in ancient history, Alternative Control has no choice but to forge into the future.  Below, please find FREE DOWNLOADS of tracks 13-17 on Quality Control Volume 1, along with information about each band.  Thank you for supporting local music! 

The Latest From The Danbury Lie?

Under his “nom de guitar” The Danbury Lie, composer and multi-instrumentalist Rob Loncto has released his fourth album in less than a year.  Seven cerebral tracks titled ? (yep, ?) take the listener on a nostalgic journey filled with witches, demons, tri-tones, and surprising moments of beauty. The Danbury Lie’s sound is hard to classify,… Continue reading The Latest From The Danbury Lie?