Alternative Control’s July 3rd #BandcampFriday Wishlist

Tomorrow, July 3rd, is another bandcamp Friday!  The website is waiving its revenue share to help support artists during the COVID-19 pandemic — and it’s the final “bandcamp Friday” that’s been announced thus far, so now is the time to shell out the bucks.  Here are Alternative Control’s humble suggestions of bands to check out,… Continue reading Alternative Control’s July 3rd #BandcampFriday Wishlist


In a move that will leave a gaping hole in the entire Connecticut music scene, er, a tiny blip in the bar band circle of one Connecticut city, I’m taking a break from playing in bands.  It might last six months, it might last until somebody really wants Pink Missile to play a show with… Continue reading ERMAHGERDDDDDDD, The Big Hiatus!