Love in “Pink”


These poems are from a collection tentatively titled “Pink.”  It’s a collection of love poetry that doesn’t shy away from grandiose imagery. The phrases are simple, sugary and steeped in high hopes for both clean, cuddly adoration and super lustful passion eternal.


Atop of the tower in the enchanted fields

We are king and queen of kisses

We rule with tender love

We paint our world with pink

With April’s carnation rain

Summoned from our waving hands

Noblemen and women

Trust that upon our turret

We’ll protect you against the grudging pawns

We will run straight and quick

Strong as castle stone

We will fly through them and conquer

We’ll soak their bodies

In seeds that will grow

Into the loveliest strawberries ever seen

Cotes Du Rhone

We didn’t shed any tears

Over spilled wine

As it flooded the dining room

We were drunken and delirious

Floating along in our chairs

Underwater and under the influence

We shared our air in kisses

Waltzing in the bitter water

Dancing in the syrupy submarine

Take a gasp, take a gulp

Come into me and spill

Your brand of wine stains my soul

By love we are

The couple who turned

The Mississippi River into raspberries


We busted every brick wall

Until the sparkly schnapps was released

Flooding onto Washington Street

We splashed around in it

Giddily kicking our feet

Until it grew too deep to stand in

We swam merrily about

Drunk with silliness and celebration

Rising with flood towards the roofs

We peeked into third story windows

Laughing at the love-making

Bidding love-makers swim with us

Swim and stroke as we climb

This ocean of swill to the sky

To pour into the lands of God

We bring him mighty drink

And our grateful company

Feast and friends of good cheer

We give him our flooding love

In return for his requested blood

And thanks for the awesome time!

The Mushroom

Under the spotted mushroom

Sitting against its stem

We bathed in its wisdom

Safe beneath its gills

Clutching hands as we drift away

Into the frayed ends of the sky

My lover turned into candy

Her lips tasted like cakes

Her head blew up like a party balloon

She said I was a peppermint

And my skin was like flakes

Sparkling like pebbles of sugar

In our love of the lunacy

We dribbled and drooled

The mushroom folded over us

On our way into idiocy

We hummed and hooted

The mushroom flew us away

We rocketed into the netherworld

Where we knew our love would take us

Across the universe, into something new


  1. Beautiful! Truly love your site…I never know what to expect when I come on here. Love the imagery used…look forward to seeing more! 

  2. Anything described as for, “clean, cuddly adoration and super lustful passion eternal” gets a vote in my book! These are beautiful.

  3. Poetry is a form of writing that flows straight from the heart and I love that you’re unafraid to put your work and your feelings out “there” to inspire the rest of us! XOXO, Chelle

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