Nomadic Frontman Soon to be ‘Dead by Wednesday’

  On one recently gorgeous day of spring attempting to break through the barracks of this crazy winter season, I found myself sitting down at a table outside of Delaney’s in New Haven. Sitting in the chair opposite mine was someone I know from my high school years, and it’s great to know that such… Continue reading Nomadic Frontman Soon to be ‘Dead by Wednesday’

Mongrel: A New Breed of Kick-Ass

In June of 2010, Jessica Sierra got a phone call from Mongrel guitarist Adam Savage that went something like this: “How would you feel about covering a few shows for us?” “When?” “In three days.” So, Sierra learned the punk band’s entire set in thirty-six hours and has been singing with them ever since.

On the Phone with Howl

  “A huge rat just crawled across my feet!” And you thought being a touring rock star was all about whiskey, money, and naked chicks. Well, Alternative Control had a phone chat with Howl guitarist Andrea Black before the band’s 9/21 show in Washington DC, and apparently touring involves spending all your money on gas,… Continue reading On the Phone with Howl