O Manners, Where Art Thou?

By Michael Field “All I really need to know… I learned in kindergarten.” – Robert Fulghum What happened to us? What happened to the men standing at a dinner table when a lady stood up or sat down? What happened to giving up your seat on the subway for someone much more in need of… Continue reading O Manners, Where Art Thou?

Life as a Puppy Mamma

This is me ranting about being a puppy mamma. “Oh, it’s terrible. He kisses me and cuddles me and runs around the house in the most amusing manner! And I can’t stop looking at him or kissing him in his sleep. And I get to rub his belly and take him on long walks and… Continue reading Life as a Puppy Mamma

STOP TELLING ME THINGS! The Art of Screaming at TVs

Every time it’s the same. I’ll go to a friend’s house, sit down on his comfortable couch, and proceed to yell comically at the television. My screaming isn’t directed at just a particular show or commercial, and sometimes it comes without warning. To be honest, it’s really just to get a laugh or assert my… Continue reading STOP TELLING ME THINGS! The Art of Screaming at TVs

Brides + Basement = Bad Horror Movies

  BAD horror movies bring me a lot of joy.  I’m talking about the kind that is so awful it’s insulting.  Bad scripts, bad acting, bad special effects, just plain bad.  I particularly like movies from the 70s because they weren’t torture porn like today’s horror movies — and more importantly, the boobs were real. … Continue reading Brides + Basement = Bad Horror Movies

The Selfish Decisions

  By Michael Field Let’s get this out of the way. Kids cost money. They eat up your time. They get sick. They cost money. They demand your attention. Anything you own, they immediately think is theirs. They cost money. They develop personalities that you despise. They tell you they hate you. Did I mention… Continue reading The Selfish Decisions

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