Album Review: Andrea Bocelli’s Cinema

World-famous tenor Andrea Bocelli presents 16 epic film theme songs on his upcoming album Cinema, including  “No Llores Por Mi Argentina” from Evita and “Brucia La Terra” from The Godfather.  With three duets and songs in five languages, Cinema showcases what Bocelli does best: combining pop and classical elements to bring a high level of art to a broad audience.

In regard to his choice to record film songs, Bocelli said, ” If films are a ‘dream factory,’ the music that supports them embraces these dreams and heightens all of the magic and emotional vitality. My invitation, my token is for these immortal “classics” to merge with the experiences, with the most precious memories, with the emotions of every listener, to become the inimitable soundtrack to their life.”

And the songs do just that.  Listening to “Moon River” reminds me of playing that song with my grandmother in her living room — Grandma on piano and voice, me on upright bass.  And anyone who’s met my father knows that “Brucia La Terra” (the love theme from The Godfather) is one of his favorites.  One of my earliest musical memories is hearing him play it on the trumpet in our kitchen.

I concede that Cinema isn’t the kind of music that’s usually reviewed on Alternative Control.  But it’s a gorgeous, moving album that would be great background music for trying to appear “adult” in front of your in-laws, a perfect holiday gift for an older relative… You get the idea.  In fact, I think Pop and Grandma are both going to get a copy for Christmas!  My parents are divorced and it’s the grandma on my mom’s side, so they’ll never know I gave them the same thing… Unless of course, they start reading Alternative Control.

Cinema will be released on October 23rd, 2015.  To get your copy, visit the links below:

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I participated in the Andrea Bocelli Cinema album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.


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