Banging Heads: An Interview with YOB’s Mike Scheidt

So if any of you have read my recent top ten of the year article, you know that I was a big fan of YOB’s latest album Clearing the Path to Ascend. But after delving into the band’s history and checking out a few of their shows online, I turned the corner towards becoming a fan of the band in general. After having the pleasure of talking with band vocalist/guitarist Mike Scheidt at The Gramercy Theater in NYC, they just might steal a spot in my top five metal band list. The guy was cordial, sensible and mellow. And as you’ll see from the interview, Mike’s passion for what he does for a living is unquestionable. I just hope the guy on the right keeps his excitement in check next time.

I would like to thank Liz from Earsplit PR for setting this up, the venue for their cooperation, and especially Mike and the band’s management for taking the time to make this possible. Hope you enjoyed it!