Track Review: “I Am Alive” by CalatrilloZ

Photo by Alex Kie.

Called “blissfully eccentric” and “charmingly histrionic,” the London symphonic rock quintet CalatrilloZ previews their upcoming album Psalms of Zahyin with the proggy  single “I Am Alive.”  Fans of Circus Maximus and the like will enjoy this band a lot.  Check out “I Am Alive” below:

CalatrilloZ has a complicated theatrical backstory that I don’t think is necessary to enjoy the music — in fact, if you focus too much on the histrionics, it could detract.  Instead, let the catchy riffs and arrangements speak for themselves.  Stay tuned for the release on Psalms of Zahyin on June 22d, 2015!

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  1. Jeesseee, thank you darling!

    This is Z, the singer!
    Love the truth on your words!

    End of the year, I will bring you the STORY!


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