EP Review: Staring at the Sun’s Break the Silence

staring out the sun

staring out the sun

Staring Out The Sun ‘s Break the Silence EP starts out with a bang, literally. The drum roll is a sneak peak of what’s about to happen to your ears. Clean, layered, full — this album is very well-produced. It’s a familiar sound (maybe I’m reviewing too many bands) but it’s toe-tapping, head-bobbing music. The vocals have an odd quality to them, like they’re being sung through too many filters. They’re certainly melodic, the choruses are a total hook, but it’s like there are layers of fabric between my ears and the raw energy that I know is there.

Staring Out The Sun has that commercial sound. The sound of success and ka-ching! Watching the video of “Secrets” you can see the energy; serious, like running away from the bad guy (or good guy) energy. I can tell I need to see them live in order to fully appreciate them.

Honestly, I put the album on repeat and listened while I cleaned my house. Energizing, enthusiastic, go-with-the-flow – there’s really nothing to dislike about these guys. The music does what it needs to, goes where you expect and dagnabbit you enjoy the ride. There’s something to be said for tried and true. And I hope I said it.

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