Jessie and Vanessa’s Best Local Metal of 2013: Bassists and Things That Happen in Stamford

By Jessica May and The Headbanging Hostess, because why write a whole column by yourself?  Some things are better with friends….

 Jessie’s List

  • Best Headbanging Hair: Bassist Gary Goudreau from End-Time Illusion.
Goudreau performing with ETI at Axles 12/19.
  • Best Bassist-Turned-Psychic: Keith Zalinger, formerly of Nethereal and Khasm and currently moonlighting as a psychic-at-large – trust us, that shit’s not made up!
Keith reads fellow bassist “Peter Steele’s” mind at Alternative Control’s Halloween bash.
Darkitecht Mike (left) and Physics Mike (right) at Cherry Street Station in September.
  • Best Metal Doppelgangers: bassists Johnny Pluckman of Lyra and Mike Lachapelle of 60 Grit– the beards match, and so do the instruments!

    Pluckman is distinguishable from Lachapelle only by his furry animal hat.
Is that Pluckman playing with the Dio tribute? Nope!

Vanessa’s List

  • Best Venue to Walk To: Seaside Tavern. Not only can I walk there, I can go get ice cream or burgers at TropiGlace or Pat’s between sets.

“I hate being a singer in a band.”
  • Best Newbie: Carlos from Jimmy Junk Bird.  (I’m sensing a pattern here.) What a great addition to the scene! Dude draws a crowd!
Los is also the Junk Bird with the coolest shorts.
  • Best Special Event: The Pluckening beats the Alternative Control fundraiser by a hair…. Well, lots of hair. But sometimes it’s better to help others eat!
Jesse Styles hoops to the sweet sounds of Lyra at "The Pluckening" -- photo by Cie Grant Cahn.

That’s all we got!  What are your best local metal stories of 2013?? Leave a comment or email us!


  1. What about the fact that although it was purely for self promotion, Tommy RAIL, AKA JIMMY ROME aka Sekret Tommy finally participated in the scene (albeit extraordinarily peripherally) with this comment? Every little bit counts!!!

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