Okay, We’re Not Hungover Anymore: Free Downloads of Quality Control Volume 1, Tracks 7-12


Here’s a diverse batch of tunes from Quality Control Volume 1 — download away!

7. The Human Burden by Replacire

“…From the very beginning of their set, all I could see was hair. Seriously, pretty much all of the members must have had ten pounds of hair between them. Their synchronized head banging made it seem like one multi-colored, lustrous mop monster had crawled up on the stage, growling at us. So yeah, the heavy metal image was in full force. But, did they have the music to back it up? Absolutely. Their musical presence was imposing, destructive, and yet highly structured – like a mathematical equation that builds a fantastic musical architecture that adds up to a code for destruction.” — Christopher Baldwin

To find out more about this brutal Massachusetts band, read here and visit them on the interwebs.

8. We All Hate Her by The Midnightmares

Inspired by tequila, monsters, and their own pet cats, this Stamford band likes to skullfuck on the second date.  (No really, it’s a song from their debut album Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?…)

Find The Midnightmares on Facebook and read some thoughts from frontwoman Rachel Pixie Kruczynski here.


9. The Chains of Choronzon by Agrippa93

Agrippa93 has been melding metal and industrial since 2004. Visit the band on Facebook and check out Metal Cyndicate, a blog run by Agrippa93’s “man behind the curtain.”

10. PTSD by Penitentary

Yes, it’s supposed to be spelled like that.  The brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Bill Klopfer, “PTSD” shows off the band’s penchant for punishing grooves.  Check out Penitentary on Facebook and read some of Bill’s musical musings here.  Also, visit the band’s record label, Bethel-based Skumbagh Productions.

11.  College Means Combat by Cry Havoc!

“I feel punk has been where it started, the underground.  Not dead, but in the underground.  I think that the kids will keep coming out ‘cuz I don’t see the pop culture not fucking sucking ass any time soon.” –Jonny Disaster

Truer words have never been spoken… To hear more from Cry Havoc!’s frontman Jonny Disaster, read here and check the band out on Facebook.

12. Melphagor’s Imaginarium by Lightsbane

“Long ago, within a metal scene far, far away, a quartet of mighty superhero musicians were birthed in the secretive and sacred valley of the fifth colony of a massive world power. They immediately sprung to monstrous size, thrashing about their enormous instruments of death upon the ears of the entire valley and beyond.” — Christopher Baldwin

Touting themselves as “melodic dumb metal,” Lightsbane has been melting faces in Connecticut since 2008. To learn more about them and to see a picture of Lee’s sack, read here and here.  You can also keep track of all their melodic dumb activities on Facebook.


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