The Grand Conjuration: A Review of Black Mass’s The Second Coming

I had the pleasure of listening to the new EP The Second Coming by Boston’s thrash metal enthusiasts Black Mass. They made a pretty clear indication of what I was going to expect, I just didn’t know it was going to be such high-quality. For one, the EP sounds great. The production is clear, loud and professional while still retaining that raw serrated-edge that good thrash metal needs to be authentic. I’m surprised that the band is a trio, since the sound is so full. I’ve always had a soft spot for trios to be honest. It forces bands to be extra creative with less instrumentation, but also provides the more relaxed situation of only having three personalities to deal with. It’s certainly working out for Black Mass, for the music is exceptional.    

The intro doesn’t waste any time putting on the gas. The song does what a good introduction should do, providing an accurate taste of things to come. I can almost equate the building musical tension in these riffs to the cover art. These monks are in their finalizing process of conjuring up this wild demonic force, and by the time the introduction is completed, this rabid spirit of heavy metal has been birthed into our earthly realm to spread his loud and blasphemous message. The black mass has begun…

One thing that’s immediately noticeable and undeniable, these guys have what it takes to stand with the best of thrash bands. The songs are almost encyclopedic references to what the thrash sound encompasses. The riffs bludgeon, seizure, and pound with the appropriate balance between all-out attack mode and those occasional hints of melodicism and glory that showcases thrash’s foundation as music of anger, but more importantly, music that hits the soul with a powerful positivity. So yes, you can beat people up to this music, but you can also party and celebrate life to this music. This positive trait is most evident on “Sons of Cronos.” You can tell the guys are really just having a good time on that track. “Mountain of Skulls” features the other, more extreme side of thrash. The song speeds along with incredible endurance and with a beastly intention, like an eighteen wheeler on nitro speed on a collision course with your eardrums.

Nowhere here do you feel the guys are reaching for something they can’t quite pull off. They’ve got the chops, the endurance and the passion needed to create a true testament to the thrash metal subgenre. There’s no chance to be bored, very little time to catch your breath and a little over 20 minutes to chug as much beer, flip as many cars, and kick over as many graves as you can. Black Mass is set to be the soundtrack to your metalhead life. Whether you’re wildly drumming on top of your dresser in your bedroom, throwing beer cans at park cops as they chase you out of parking lots, or sharpening your spiked knuckles on the side of someone’s face, they’re here to offer a little extra persuasion. Just hit play and prepare for the conjuration.

P.S I hear if you pop open a beer can while simultaneously starting this EP at 0:00, a perfectly fitted jean vest with all the added features of alcohol and blood stains magically appears on your back. If it doesn’t work, you’re probably just not drinking the right beer. Drink better beer, dummy.

Black Mass members:

  • Cristian Azevedo – Bass
  • Brendan O’Hare – Guitar/Vocals
  • Yianni Tranxidis – Drums

You can listen to and buy their EP at their website:

Upcoming Shows

  • 7/2 @ Vernon Hotel in Worcester, MA
  • 7/3 @ Dusk in Providence, RI
  • 7/4 @ O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA
  • 7/19 @ Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT
  • 8/10 @ Metal Open Air in Palmer, MA
  • 8/24 @ Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE