The Lowercase S: The smallest Creature’s “Reboot”

An alternative rock band originating in Cyprus is currently working on their first independently released album.  In July of this year, The smallest Creature debuted their single “Reboot” as a taste of what’s to come. Three musicians make up the talents in the group, including guitarist Stefanos Marnerides (who initiated the project), bassist Stephanos Nicolaou, and drummer Iacovos Stylianides.

“Reboot” has an interesting flux of tone, which has a different sound from their other single release, “Copenhagen.”  The latter maintains consistency of a meditative alternative rock construct: strong, but relaxing.  The former, however, construes a variety of tones, beginning with just vocals and guitars. After the first verse, drums are introduced and it picks up for the chorus and then calms again. The rhythmic pace is also more inconsistent than other singles they have created, “Copenhagen” included.

The band will keep releasing singles until announcing their first full album.  You can find them on The smallest Creature on Facebook page as well as YouTube.



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