Secrets Uncovered


I wore my pretty underwear

tonight, slipped them on

right after my shower,

hair still wet and dripping

you know I hate blow drying.

You’ll like them, I promise,

lacy and black, in the front,

behind a soft black mesh cups

these curvy cheeks you

love to put your hands on.

Yeah, I put these on tonight

I thought there might be the

possibility that you would call

It’s a new addition,

Cute and seductive

Waiting for your eyes

To glare, for you

To pull me onto your body

(Kicking me into bed)

This piece is comfortable, but sexy

Taunting and mysterious

They ache with hopes to feel your

Fingers tug and trace

When we were last together

I couldn’t have you inside.

Tonight I go out, in my new

Garb, wanting you to see.

I close my eyes and imagine

your hands, warm on my curves

grasping with feverish arousal

you slide the sheath off my thighs,

gliding past my toes.

My chest now constricted

I take a deep breath,

Opening my eyes…

You’re not there.

A daydream’s smile runs across

My face and I look around

sipping my drink. I won’t see you—

not on this night. I’m just

sitting with my pretty underwear

living out my Friday night

thinking of you, me

and our new sexy underwear.

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